Universal Process Controller - HI510

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HI510 is designed to adapt to a user’s unique process control requirements. The controller has a large backlit dot matrix display for easy viewing and provides for an intuitive interface for setup options. The controller utilizes multi-color LEDs for easy viewing of the instruments’ status including relay activation, in alarm mode, or in hold status. All programming operations are done through the low profile vulcanized rubber keypad or using the RS485 connection to a PC operating the HI92500 Windows® compatible software.


  • Digital input for pH and ORP probes
  • Up to 5 relays for control and cleaning sequence
  • Up to 4 analog output for control and monitoring
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HI510 is an advanced universal process controller that can be configured for many applications requiring monitoring and/or control of process parameters. It features a digital probe input that will automatically detect and update the controller with the parameter that it measures.

This controller can be configured with up to 5 control relays and 4 analog outputs. The control relays can be programmed for on/off, Proportional, or PID (Proportional Integral Derivative) types of control or used for programming cleaning sequences triggered by a digital input or based on a schedule. The scalable analog outputs can be used for remote devices including Chart recorders, PLC, or SCADA. The analog outputs can be used for control devices including dosing pumps and valves that accept a 0/4-20 mA output.

HI510 features a RS485 digital output that allows up to 32 devices to be connected to a single line that can be viewed and programmed remotely using the HI92500 software. The HI92500software provides for graphic user interface that allows for settings to be changed and saved for transfer to another HI510 controller.

The HI510 NEMA 4X enclosure uses sealed cable glands to maintain waterproof integrity. The versatile mounting kits allow for mounting the HI510 to a wall, pipe and panel.

General Design Features

HI510 front

Backlit Dot Matrix LCD with LED indicators

Large backlit LCD with visual indicators for meter status, alarm and relay activation.

NEMA 4X Enclosure

½ DIN NEMA 4X enclosure suitable for outside and industrial environments.

Versatile Mounting Options

Choose from wall, pipe or panel mounted options.

USB-C Connectivity

Flash Drive Compatible

Transfer of logged data and events to a flash drive as a .csv file for review on Window’s, OS X, or Linux based computers.

Logged Data

Store information at selectable intervals along with relay control settings and calibrations data. Information can be stored in up to 100 lots, each holding 8600 records.

Event Management System

Logged events includes any changes made, alarm, error and warning activations, and calibration information.

Low Voltage Connections

HI510 low voltage connections

Isolated High Voltage Section

To reduce the risk to shock the low voltage connection area is isolated from high voltage area.

RS485 Digital Connectivity

RS485 output for connecting up to 32 devices for remote monitoring and programming.

Digital Inputs and Analog Outputs

Digital probe input, digital trigger inputs, and analog outputs utilize extractable terminal blocks for simplified wiring.

High Voltage Connections

HI510 high voltage connections

Replaceable Slow Blow Fuses

All relays and the line power input are protected by replaceable 5A slow blow fuses.

SPDT and SPST Programmable Relays

Up to 5 relays that can be programmed for control or washing sequences.

Fail Safe Alarm Technology

Fail Safe Alarm Technology that deactivates relay from normal open state to normally closed to supply power to remote alarm device.

Programming HI510 remotely using HI92500 Software

HI510 Programming Options

Relay Control Modes

Set points for control operations can be configured to be on/off, proportional, or PID types of control. The flexibility in programming allows for fine-tuning of a set point to be maintained with tight control preventing any overshoot and waste of chemicals.

Configurable Alarm System

Configurable for set points and temperature or activated by abnormal operation, a red Alarm LED will blink and can easily be seen from a distance. All relays configured for control are inactivated until the alarm state is resolved.

Auto-cleaning cycle

The cleaning function allows the ability to program one or more wash cycles and use the relays to activate valves, pumps or compressed air based on the type of washing that is required to maintain probes for reliable results.

Scalable Analog Outputs

Analog outputs can be scaled to assign 0 to 20 mA or 4-20 mA to a specific range for increased resolutions. Analog outputs can be programmed to send 22 mA signal when placed in hold status during maintenance including calibration.

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