Three Range Portable TDS Meter - HI8734

1467.00 AED

The HI8734 is a rugged, portable TDS meter designed for use in a wide variety of environmental conditions. It is supplied with a four-ring conductivity probe to allow for three ranges of measurement. TDS readings are adjusted with manual temperature compensation, assuring users of consistent and accurate measurements of total dissolved solids.

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The measurement of total dissolved solids (TDS) indicates the amount of ions dissolved in a solution. The Three Range Portable TDS Meter - HI8734 is suitable for use in the water conditioning industry, but particularly in the softening, demineralization, reverse osmosis, and drinking water applications. It offers three measurement ranges from 0.0 mg/L to 19.99 g/L with a ±1% FS accuracy. The HI76301D four-ring probe that is supplied with the meter allows for a wide range of measurements with a single sensor.

Features at-a-glance

Four-ring Probe - The four-ring probe that comes with the HI8734 offers a versatile and accurate solution for TDS readings. Four ring technology allows for a larger range of measurement within a single probe, whereas two probe technology is somewhat limited in the range in which it can measure. The probe comes with a protective PVC sleeve that assures durability when taking measurements outdoors.

Three Measurement Ranges - HI8734 offers three TDS measurement ranges. Each range has a dedicated button on the face of the meter, allowing users to easily switch between ranges when necessary. The meter is programmed to let the user know when their current reading is out of range, and a new range should then be selected.

TDS Factor - The TDS value in aqueous solutions is directly proportional to conductivity. The ratio between the two parameters depends on the solution being measured. The HI8734 has a set TDS factor of 0.5 that is common for many solutions, meaning that 1 μS/cm is equal to 0.5 mg/L (ppm) of TDS.

Manual Temperature Compensation - Since temperature has such a dramatic effect on conductivity readings, having a meter that offers temperature compensated readings is invaluable. Once measured with an accurate thermometer, the temperature of the sample can be input on the meter using the temperature knob. The meter then accounts for the effects of temperature on the sample’s TDS reading in the range of 0 to 50°C (32 to 122°F). The temperature compensation coefficient, also known as β, is set at 2%/°C; this factor corrects the reading 2% for each degree Celsius change in the sample.

One-point Calibration -  The HI8734 can be calibrated at one point in a standard TDS solution. The calibration knob located on the face of the meter is easily adjusted to the correct calibration standard.

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