HI 84533-02 Formol Number Mini Titrator for Wine and Fruit Juice Analysis

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Product information "HI 84533-02 Formol Number Mini Titrator for Wine and Fruit Juice Analysis"


The HI 84533 is an easy to use, fast and affordable mini automatic titrator designed for the rapid and accurate determination of formol number in wines or fruit juices.  This new generation of mini automatic titrator improves upon the titrant delivery system and measuring ranges for increased accuracy compared to previous models.  This meter reflects Hanna's years of experience as a manufacturer of analytical instruments.

The HI 84533 incorporates a precise piston dosing system which allows for a highly accurate determination of the amount of titrant used. It is also capable of dynamic dosing, making testing both faster and more accurate.  A pump calibration performed with the supplied Hanna standard help assure the accuracy of the measurement. 

This mini titrator includes a user adjustable programmed analysis method designed for formol number analysis. It employs a powerful and effective algorithm to analyze the pH response to determine the exact pH end point, then uses this algorithm to perform the necessary calculations.  

In wines, the concentration of alpha amino acid in grapes change as a function of maturity and crop load (yield to vine size ratio). The concentration increases with fruit maturation and decreases with crop load. In the fermentation of wine, there is a minimum amount of amino acid and other nitrogen compounds (eg: 150-200 mg/L of yeast assimilable nitrogen) that has to be present in the must/juice. Too low of an amount will result in a stuck fermentation in which there is not enough nitrogen for the yeast to thrive. Because of the importance of nitrogen in fermentation, it is desirable to determine the nitrogen concentration before fermentation.

In fruit juices, the formol nitrogen number is one of the basic parameters measured to determine quality. Depending on the type of fruit the number can increase or decrease with maturity. In orange and grapefruit juice, lower values are observed when the fruit is not suitably mature or there has been frost damage. In pineapple juice, a low number could be indicative of over-dilution with water or a disproportionate amount of the core was used. To determine the adulteration of fruit juices, the formol number along with the chromatography characterization of amino acids can be used. 

This mini titrator is also designed to be used as a benchtop pH/mV meter.

* Titration Curve Displayed On Screen
* Rear USB Outputs
* Log up to 400 samples (200 for titration results; 200 for mV/pH)
* GLP feature, to view calibration data for the pump




Order Information:
HI 84533-01 (115V) and HI 84533-02 (230V are supplied with HI 84533-70 Reagent Kit, HI 1131B pH electrode, HI 7662-T Temperature Probe, HI 7082 Electrode fill solution, HI 740036P Two 100 mL beakers, HI 70500 Tube set, Dosing Pump valve, HI 740236 syringe, Plastic Pipette, HI 731319 Stir Bar, Two sachets, HI 920013 power adapter, and an Instruction manual and quality certificate.

  • Specifications
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Range Low Range meq/L 2.14 to 28.57 as N/ meq% 0.21 to 2.85 as N/ mg/L 30.0 to 400.0 as N
Range High Range meq/L 21.7 to 71.4 as N/ meq% 2.14 to 7.14 as N/ mg/L 300 to 1000 as N
Resolution   Low Range: 0.01 meq/L; 0.01 meq%; 0.1 mg/L
Resolution   High Range: 0.1 meq/L; 0.01 meq%; 1 mg/L
Accuracy (@25ºC/77ºF)   3 % of reading or ± 0.1 mg/L
Sample Volume   low range: 10 mL; high range: 5 mL
Method   acid-base titration
Principle   endpoint 8.20 pH (selectable from 8.0 - 8.30 pH)
Pump Speed   10 mL/min
Stirring Speed   600 rpm
Logging Data   up to 200 samples
pH Meter Range   -2.0 to 16.0 pH / -2.00 to 16.00 pH
pH Meter Resolution   0.1 pH / 0.01 pH
pH Meter Accuracy (@25ºC/77ºF)   ±0.01 pH
pH Meter Calibration   1, 2, or 3 calibration points; 4 available buffers (4.01; 7.01; 8.20; 10.01)
pH Meter Temperature Compensation   manual or automatic from -20 to 120°C (-4 to 248°F)
pH Meter Logging Data   Up to 200 samples (pH or mV)
mV Meter Range   -2000.0 to 2000.0 mV
mV Meter Resolution   0.1 mV
mV Meter Accuracy   ±1.0 mV
mV Meter Logged Data   Up to 200 Samples (pH or mV)
Temperature Range   -20.0 to 120.0°C (-4.0 to 248.0°F)
Temperature Resolution   0.1°C
Temperature Accuracy   ±0.4°C without probe error
pH Electrode   HI 1131B glass body, refillable, with BNC connector and 1 m (3.3’) cable (included)
Temperature Probe   HI 7662-T stainless steel temperature probe with 1 m (3.3’) cable (included)
Environment   0 to 50°C (32 to 122°F); RH max 95% non-condensing
Power Supply   12 VDC adapter (included)
Dimensions   235 x 200 x 150 mm (9.2 x 7.9 x 5.9”)
Weight   1.9 kg (67.0 oz.)
HI 1131B Refillable, Combination pH Electrode for the Laboratory and Beer Testing
BNC Connection
HI 7662-T Stainless Steel Temperature Probe
HI 7082 Electrolyte Solution, 3.5M KCl
4 x 30 mL bottle
HI 70300L Electrode Storage Solution
1 x 500 mL bottle
HI 70500 Tube set with cap for titrant bottle, tip and valve
HI 71005/8 115 Vac to 12 Vdc, 800 mA
HI 71006/8 230 Vac to 12 Vdc, 800 mA Adaptor
HI 731319 Micro Stir Bars for Magnetic Stirrers
HI 740036P Plastic Beaker Set, 100 mL
HI 740236 5 mL Syringe for minititrator
HI 920013 USB Cable
pH Calibration Solutions
HI 7004M 4.01 pH Buffer Solution
HI 7007M 7.01 pH Buffer Solution
1 x 230 mL bottle
HI 70082M pH 8.20 Buffer Solution
HI 7010M 10.01 pH Buffer Solution
1 x 230 mL bottle



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