HI 7009L - 9.18 pH@25°C - 500ml

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Product information "HI 7009L - 9.18 pH@25°C - 500ml"


General information about our pH buffers / calibration:


Available grades:


Technical Quality


The buffer solutions of HANNA instruments include solutions from pH 1.00 to pH 13.00 and allow calibration over the entire pH scale with an accuracy of ± 0.01 pH. The buffer solution series is particularly suitable for pH measurements that require high accuracy. All solutions with certificate of analysis.


Millesimal Quality


Accuracy of ± 0.002 pH for calibration of measuring instruments with 0.001 resolution. All solutions in opaque packaging with certificate of analysis.


Standard Quality


Accuracy of ± 0.01 pH in different packaging, with or without a certificate of analysis.


Available packages: Bottle: 230ml - 500ml - 1L Can: 3.78 L (gal) Individual portions - and virtually always fresh & no contamination risk Shelf life up to 5 years




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