HI 70039P - EC 5000 µS/cm@25°C - 25x20ml

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Product information "HI 70039P - EC 5000 µS/cm@25°C - 25x20ml"


This calibration solution is ideal for those applications that need to achieve higher reading accuracies in a conductivity scale between 2000 µS/cm and 10000 µS/cm.

HANNA has produced a 5000 µS/cm calibration solution that is available in a wide range of sizes and packages to suit every application.

This solution is widely used in agriculture for monitoring and preparing nutrient solutions for proper crop production.


Order Information:
20 mL sachets pack of 25, with certificate of analysis

  • Specifications
  • MSDS
EC Value @25°C 5000 µS/cm
Size   20 mL
Package   25 sachets
Certificate of Analysis   Yes

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