HI 9835 EC/TDS/NaCl/°C-Meter, Auto-Endpoint, ATC

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Product information "HI 9835 EC/TDS/NaCl/°C-Meter, Auto-Endpoint, ATC"

HI 9835 is handheld conductivity/TDS/salinity/temperature meters. Users are provided with a series of diagnostic features and messages on the LCD which guide the user through calibration, operation and troubleshooting.

Conductivity and TDS measurement parameters are selectable such as: cell constant range from 0.500 to 1.700, temperature coefficient from 0.00 to 6.00%/ºC, temperature reference from 20 to 25ºC and a selectable TDS factor of 0.40 to 0.80.

This instrument utilizes the four ring HI 76309/1.5 conductivity probe with internal temperature sensor. The four ring design offers accurate readings over all the conductivity range with immunity to polarization and falling that occurs on long term use of amperometric probes.

The autoranging feature of the EC and TDS modes automatically sets the meter to the scale with the highest possible resolution. The auto endpoint feature automatically freezes the display once a stable reading is reached.


  • Autoranging, manual ranging and range lock
  • Four ring probe design
  • Automatic, manual and no Temperature Compensation
  • Auto endpoint; Automatically freezes stable readings on the LCD display
  • GLP features
  • BEPS; (Battery Error Prevention System) alerts the user in the event that low battery power could adversely affect readings
  • On-screen user guides
  • Backlit display
  • % Battery displayed on startup


Order Information:   HI 9835 is supplied with HI 76309 conductivity probe, batteries, instructions and rugged carrying case.

Product Manuals

  Manual: Download

Specification :

Range EC 0.00 to 29.99 µS/cm; 30.0 to 299.9 µS/cm; 300 to 2999 µS/cm; 3.00 to 29.99 mS/cm; 30.0 to 200.0 mS/cm; up to 500.0 mS/cm (actual EC)*
  TDS 0.00 to 14.99 mg/L (ppm); 15.0 to 149.9 mg/L (ppm); 150 to 1499 mg/L (ppm); 1.50 to 14.99 g/L (ppt); 15.0 to 100.0 g/L (ppt); up to 400.0 g/L (ppt) (actual TDS)* with 0.80 conversion factor
  NaCl 0.0 to 400.0%
  Temperature –20.0 to 120.0 ºC (-4.0 to 248.0ºF)
Resolution EC 0.01 µS/cm; 0.1 µS/cm; 1 µS/cm; 0.01 mS/cm; 0.1 mS/cm
  TDS 0.01 mg/L (ppm); 0.1 mg/L (ppm); 1 mg/L (ppm); 0.01 g/L (ppt); 0.1 g/L (ppt)
  NaCl 0.1%
  Temperature 0.1°C
Accuracy @ 25°C EC ±1 % of reading (±0.05 µS/cm or 1 digit)
  TDS ±1 % of reading (±0.03 mg/L (ppm) or 1 digit, whichever greater)
  NaCl ±1% of reading
  Temperature ±0.2°C (excluding probe error)
Calibration EC automatic, one point with six memorized values (84, 1413, 5000, 12880, 80000, 111800 µS/cm)
  NaCl one point with HI 7037 calibration solution
  Temperature two point, at 0 and 50°C (32 and 122°F)
Temperature Compensation   automatic or manual from –20.0 to 120.0 ºC (-4.0 to 248.0ºF) (can be disabled for measuring conductivity)
Temperature Coefficient   selectable from 0.00 to 6.00%/ºC (EC and TDS only); default value is 1.90%/ºC
TDS Factor   selectable from 0.40 to 0.80 (default value is 0.50)
Probe   HI 76309 four ring conductivity probe with internal temperature sensor, DIN connector and 1 m (3.3’) cable (included)
Power Supply   1.5V AAA batteries (3) /approximately 200 hours of continuous use without backlight (50 hours with backlight on); auto-off after 5, 10, 20 and 60 minutes (can be disabled)
Environment   0 to 50°C (32 to 122°F); RH max 95%
Dimensions   185 x 72 x 36 mm (7.3 x 2.8 x 1.4”)
Weight   300 g (10.6 oz)



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