HI 3843 Hypochlorite Test Kit

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The available chlorine refers to the chlorine liberated by the action of dilute acid on the hypochlorite:
(OCl) + Cl + 2H+ → Cl2 + H2O

An iodometric titration method is used in this test kit. The hypochlorite solution is treated with potassium iodide and strongly acidified with acid:
(OCl) + 2H+ + 2I → Cl + I2 + H2O

The amount of iodine generated is equivalent to the chlorine in the sample. The concentration of iodine is then calculated by titration of thiosulfate ions that reduce the iodine back to iodide ions: 
I2 + 2(S2O3)2– → 2I + (S4O6)2-


Order Information:
HI 3843 test kit comes with 30 mL potassium iodide solution, 100 packets bleach reagent B, 60 mL bleach reagent C (2), 125 mL glass Erlenmeyer flask and 1 mL plastic pipettes (25).

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Method   Titration
Range   50-150 g/L
Smallest Increment   5 g/L (0.5%)
Chemical Method   Iodometric
Number of Tests   approx. 100
Weight   485 g

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HI 3843-100 Hypochlorite (Cl2)
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