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HI 3896 Agriculture Test Kit, Professional

The chemical composition of soil includes pH and chemical elements. Soil analysis is necessary for better management of fertilization and to know the residues of fertilizers in relation to the crop, tillage and the most suitable plant choice for soil composition. An...

224.00AED *

HI 3859 Glycol Yes/No Test Kit

Use the HI 3859 glycol standard 0.025% included in the kit to easily recognize a positive result in the form of an intense purple color. Ethylene glycol and other glycols are determined by a two step reaction: Step 1: glycol is oxidized to two carbonyl groups under...

375.00AED *

HI 3846 Chromium Test Kit

Chromium salts are widely used in industrial processes, in galvanic plants, in tanneries and chemical manufacturing plants. Chromium can therefore be found in industrial discharges and must be monitored because of its toxic nature. Chromium VI reacts with...

151.00AED *

HI 3843 Hypochlorite Test Kit

The available chlorine refers to the chlorine liberated by the action of dilute acid on the hypochlorite: (OCl) — + Cl — + 2H + → Cl 2 + H 2 O An iodometric titration method is used in this test kit. The hypochlorite solution is treated with potassium iodide and...

272.00AED *

HI 3842-050 Hardness HR (as CaCO3) Reagent

Hardness HR (as CaCO3) Reagent

79.00AED *

HI 3842 Hardness High Range Test Kit

Water hardness has traditionally been defined as the capacity of water to precipitate soap. The ionic species in the water causing the precipitation was later found to be primarily calcium and magnesium. In the present, therefore, water hardness is actually a...

31.00AED *

HI 3841-050 Hardness MR (as CaCO3) Reagents

Hardness MR (as CaCO3) Reagents

41.00AED *

HI 3840-050 Hardness Lr (as CaCO3) Reagents

Hardness Lr (as CaCO3) Reagents

41.00AED *

HI 3829F-050 Reagents for HI3829F (50 tests)

Reagents for HI3829F (50 tests)

50.00AED *

HI 38018 Free Chlorine Test Kit

Free chlorine reacts with ammonium ions and organic compounds to form chlorine compounds resulting in diminished disinfecting capabilities compared with free chlorine. These chlorine compounds together with chloramines form combined chlorine. Combined chlorine and...

268.00AED *

HI 38017-200 Chlorine, Free & Total

Free and total chlorine reagent set Order Information: Reagent kit for 200 tests Specifications MSDS Range 0.00-0.70 mg/L (ppm) 0.0-3.5 mg/L (ppm) Chemical Method DPD Smallest Increment 0.02 mg/L (ppm) 0.1 mg/L (ppm) Weight 696 g ick on the links below to download...

154.00AED *

HI 3874-100 Nitrate (NO3--N)

Nitrate (NO 3 - -N) reagent set Order Information: Reagent kit for 100 tests SPECIFICATIONS: Range 0-50 mg/L (ppm) Chemical Method cadmium reduction Smallest Increment 10 mg/L (ppm) Weight 156 g

88.00AED *

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