Cadmium is a natural element, that is highly toxic to humans and animals. Small quantities of cadmium are suspected to cause adverse changes in arteries, human kidneys, and has also been linked to certain cancers. Cadmium may enter natural water from industrial discharges or the deterioration of galvanized pipes Cadmium is used as an electrode component in alkaline batteries, pigments, coatings, and platings, and as a stabilizer for plastics.

Cadmium ion-selective electrodes (ISE) are used to rapidly determine the amount of free cadmium ions in samples, and as a detector for the titration of cadmium with EDTA. Cadmium sensors are “electrodes of the third kind” because they detect cations that also form low-solubility salts with sulfide anions and with silver.

The following products include portable and benchtop ISE meters that can display cadmium results in a choice of concentration units. Other products include calibration standard, ISA and polishing strips for the halide solid state pellet.

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