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HANNA Instruments Inc, a world leading manufacturer of analytical instrumentation, has a network of 60 subsidiaries in 43 countries worldwide and offers over 3000 products to its customers. HANNA is headquartered in Woonsocket, RI.


Through the years, the philosophy of the Nardo family has always been to be able to supply customers around the world practical affordable solutions for their testing needs. When Hanna introduced the pHep (pH electronic paper), in 1986 it literally revolutionized the world of testing by allowing millions of people in various industries to test for pH in a simple, accurate and affordable way. This winning philosophy is strongly embedded in Hanna. In 2005, when we introduced the world's first single parameter series or automatic titrators, we put thousands of users around the world in the position to perform their own analytical tests in-house, and improve the quality of their product. The driving philosophy that has been a trademark of HANNA has translated into top class worldwide organization with over 1,000 employees, including sales and technical support, research and development, and manufacturing centres in 43 different countries.



 We believe in controlling the quality of our products from their inception to delivery.
For this reason, we manufacture all the products we bring to the market including,
meters, electrodes, chemical reagents and buffers solutions. Our five manufacturing
facilities are each specialized in a product family, ensuring stability and greater quality.
Our engineers in manufacturing strive to achieve higher standards at all times,
continuously investing in new manufacturing technology equipment as well as new
manufacturing techniques. As a vertically integrated manufacturer, HANNA does not
subcontract any part of the manufacturing process, from plastic moulding, to glass
blowing and chemical bottling, to PCB and electronic assemblies.